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We've all heard about these key issues in the news.
Have you thought about how they
impact your investments and the world?
$45 trillion in SRI Assets
globally as of April 2014
according to PRI
Socially Responsible
Investing assets in Canada
total $1 trillion a 68%
increase since 2011
according to RIA
You're not alone
9-in-10 investors say that when making investment decisions it's important
to choose products and services that are consistent with their overall values.
It's an approach to mainstream investing that works to reduce ESG risks.
Environmental risks are created by activities that have a negative impact on air, land, water and human health and include such issues as species extinction, pollution, climate change and water use
Social risks refer to the impact that companies can have on society and addresses matters such as human rights, workplace health and safety and supply chains
Governance risks are concerned with the way companies are run. It encompasses areas such as corporate board independence and diversity, excessive executive compensation, transparency and corruption.
It's more than you think
SRI invests in mainstream, multinational companies based on their
financial performance and ESG factors. It's more than screening for "good and bad"
companies. It's actively working with them to improve their standing.
While there are other harmful (but legal) products used in society, there is no safe level of tobacco use and no established benefits to its use. Our approach automatically excludes.
There is no long-term solution to disposing of nuclear waste and the risk of nuclear accidents when they happen are catastrophic. Our approach is to automatically exclude.
We support alternative energy, but we don't automatically include it. It needs to be sound investment and meet our ESG analysis.
Our long-term vision for energy companies is that they will be positioned for a low carbon future, focused on innovation, progressive environmental policy while respecting human rights and Indigenous communities.
It outperforms
Leading SRI Funds in Canada can
outperform conventional funds and their
benchmarks — a result of quality portfolio
managers and a more in-depth
Environmental, Social, and Governance
(ESG) process.
It's right for you
It's among the world's fastest
growing investment categories.
It's a forward-focused way to invest.
It's an extra layer of risk protection.
It makes change in the world, and
financial sense.
$RI prevents wealth destructin
by addressing ESG risks before they become costly catastrophies
We focus on the long term
We work with all sectors and prioritize ESG risks to ensure that companies
respect human rights, safety, and fair compensation. This produces a stronger
and more meaningful investment for YOU over the long term.
Canada's leader in SRI for 30 years
Our process in action:
in 2014 we made a difference
72 Focus List dialogues
46% Ethical Funds equity assets engaged
through Focus List dialogues
77% positive or progressive
strategic dialogues
2 shareholder proposals filed
688 proxy voting meetings
7,914 proxy items voted
10 policy submissions
In 2015 we will be engaging with approximately
50 companies to affect change
Demand more from your investments
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Download the guide to SRI
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