About Ethical Funds

For 30 years Ethical Funds leadership has helped define, shape and integrate Socially
Responsible Investing into the hearts and minds of Canadian investors. With a clear
commitment to helping Canadians align their personal values with their investments, Ethical
Funds has proven that it’s possible to make change in the world, and dollars too as companies
that combine strong financial performance and rigorous Environment, Social and
Governance (ESG) practices have the greatest potential to outperform over the long-term.

Ethical Funds are Canada’s largest and most complete family of socially responsible mutual
funds with domestic and global investment options, including complete portfolio solutions
designed for a broad range of investor risk-return profiles.

If you are like a growing number of Canadians who want to ensure their investments have a
positive impact on the world they live in now and for future generations —Ethical Funds is the
clear choice.

“We go beyond simply screening companies – we actively engage many of the companies we own in our funds, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable behavior and lead the way for other corporations.”




The Ethical Growth Fund was launched by Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, in response to member demand for financial products that were compatible with their values.



The Canadian credit union system founded the family of Ethical Funds by purchasing the Ethical Growth Fund from Vancouver City Savings. Along with this fund, Credit Union Central of Canada purchased 4 more small investment funds owned by individual credit unions, expanding the product line to 5 socially responsible funds.



Ethical Funds launches its Shareholder Action Program, and moves in the direction of active shareholder
advocacy to drive corporate change. Ethical Funds is the first mutual fund family in Canada to disclose its Proxy Voting Guidelines, in an effort to increase its transparency to its investors.



Under the Canadian credit union system and Desjardins Group, Ethical Funds and Northwest Investments form NEI Investments. Ethical Funds assets and products grow exponentially to become Canada’s largest and most complete family of socially responsible mutual funds.