Loblaw Companies Limited
Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada's largest food retailer and a leading provider of drugstore, general merchandise and financial products and services.
  • GHG emissions and climate policy
  • Food system sustainability and access to nutrition
  • Sustainable apparel supply chains
  • Enhancing ESG disclosure
Loblaw Companies Limited
Sector: Consumer
Website: www.loblaw.ca
Funds: NEI Ethical Canadian Equity Fund *
Q1 2015
Following up on earlier discussions in which the company had shown leadership on climate risk, in March 2015 we contacted Loblaw, encouraging it to take a public position this year in support of climate policy and carbon pricing.
Q4 2014
We met with Loblaw in November 2014 to brief the company about the global investor collaboration on labour standards in the agricultural supply chain, and specifically to discuss Loblaw's involvement in retailer efforts to address human rights abuses in the Thai shrimp feed supply chain. We encouraged the company to integrate social considerations, including human rights, alongside environmental factors in its sustainable seafood program. We also followed up on earlier engagement on supply chain management for the Joe Fresh apparel brand. Since the Rana Plaza factory disaster, the company had built up a presence in Bangladesh and was rolling out compliance and supervision programs.

In addition, we raised the question of possible impacts of neo-nicotinoid pesticides on pollinators, and learned more about Loblaw's efforts to put this issue on the retail agenda.

We encouraged the company to align its sustainability reporting more closely with the Global Reporting Initiative framework.
Q3 2014
This dialogue was resumed in response to portfolio changes. We approached the company to request a meeting to discuss sustainability issues.
Q1 2014
This dialogue was planned to continue from 2013, but was paused in 2014 in response to portfolio changes before engagement could be initiated.
We had begun a dialogue with Loblaw in 2012 about supply chain management disclosure and compliance for its Joe Fresh clothing brand. Joe Fresh was one of the brands supplied by garment workers killed and injured in the Rana Plaza factory building disaster in April 2013. In May 2013 we wrote to Loblaw asking the company to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, a multi-stakeholder agreement to promote safer factory buildings. Loblaw signed the agreement, becoming the first Canadian corporate participant, and was also among the first companies to offer compensation to Rana Plaza victims. We paused the engagement when the portfolio manager sold the holding.